We Understand

Church Construction.

Fuqua Construction, Inc. is a Design Build company with Christian principles serving churches in the construction industry. It is our passion to build facilities that will be used to serve the Lord.  Fuqua Construction Inc. began our years of experience in church construction in 1984. We have been providing services for congregations building new church buildings as well as additions and renovations.

We know that a church needs to stay focused on their mission and not get sidetracked when building. Your mission in your community needs to be reflected even during the process of building. We strive to lift the burden of this process by providing good sound planning advice, offering resources for capital campaigns, helping to organize building committee structure, providing a supervisor and a crew of experienced workers who keep the building process running smoothly so that you can continue with the work of the church.

Fuqua Construction Inc. has been a member of the NACDB. (National Association of Church Design Builders) This organization’s purpose has been to educate NACDB members to assist local churches in evaluating their needs regarding buying, building, expanding, remodeling or leasing facilities that promote their ministry’s mission, vision and values. NACDB educated builders are successful regional consulting and design-build firms.

Max Fuqua and Bob Griffin have gone through the Certified Church Consultants program with the NACDB. We will meet with your church building committee, offering advice and resources to help you through the planning process. Fuqua Construction has developed a workbook to use in this early stage to help our church clients with decision making and clarifying their direction. During construction, regular monthly meetings are established to go over any issues and decisions needing attention. This practice keeps the construction running smoothly and efficiently.