Little River Sandstone Heights Nursing Home

Little River Sandstone Heights Nursing Home has been eager to get started on their many renovation projects. Fuqua Construction has been working with them to provide these upgrades.

Our crews are remodeling 2 wings of resident rooms —28 rooms in all. All the hallways and the core area will be redecorated and upgraded with current colors and touches. There will be new heating and air conditioning systems throughout the facility. This will be a challenging project for the Home as their staff will need to relocate residents during construction as their hallway of rooms is undergoing these necessary improvements. Residents need to vacate 6-8 rooms while renovations are done and inspections and licensing of the new areas occur. Then residents will be moved into the new rooms, vacating 6-8 more rooms for renovations.

As other Kansas area nursing homes have done, Sandstone is adding a new storm shelter. This area will offer safety and peace of mind for staff and residents during stormy weather. This room also provides a meeting/recreation area with many different uses for the staff, the residents and their families.